2017. május 31., szerda


Alfred Provis (British, 1843-1886) - Interior, Girl Reading, 1875 (Oil on panel. Ferens Art Gallery) - Provis specialised in small, detailed interiors of cottages and farmhouses, with women and children performing household chores or, in this work, reading. His pictures are usually small and predominantly brown in colour. Provis’s palette of luminous browns abandons the ‘principal’ for a less, narrow solution of light and a freer analysis, drawing the viewer’s eye all around the whole of his canvas.

2017. május 29., hétfő

Le Violoncelle

Marc Chagall (Russian-French, 1887-1985) - Le Violoncelle, 1951 (Pen and ink and wash on paper) - Chagall’s later canvases are remarkably different than his better-known earlier works. His colors and subjects appear more melancholy, and his painterly touches became increasingly lyrical and abstract, almost reverting back in time to Post-Impressionist motifs...