2016. március 27., vasárnap

Nu au divan rouge - Nude on Red Sofa

Émilie Charmy (French, 1878-1974): Nu au divan rouge (Nude on Red Sofa), 1925 - Émilie  Charmy charted a  remarkable  course  in  the  world  of  French modern art in the first half of the twentieth century… Fauve painters defined Charmy’s art… Afterward, her mature style was characterized both by an adherence to the traditional genres  of portraiture,  the  nude,  landscape,  and  still  life,  and a  modernist  notion  of direct, vigorous paint application as a mark of artistic sincerity. This attitude found its ultimate expression in Charmy’s numerous renderings of the female nude which, by  virtue  of  their  intense  sensuality,  confounded  prevailing  expectations  about  the  nature of women’s art…

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