2017. június 20., kedd


When a storm is coming all birds seek shelter. The eagle alone avoids it by flying above it. So in storms of life soar like an eagle.

2017. június 17., szombat

Just do it

Don’t think yourself out of an idea. Go for it. If you fail, it’s going to hurt, indeed, but after a while you’ll realize that you actuallt learned something out of it. But not trying at all, that’s going to break your heart every single time you remember your failure to act.

2017. június 15., csütörtök

Woman Reading

Rudolf Nissl (Austrian, 1870-1944) - Woman Reading “Das Neue Journal” (Oil on canvas) - Nissl studied from 1887 to 1889 in the painting class of Ludwig Schmid-Reutte. From 1888, he was a student with Johann Caspar Herterich, Ludwig von Löfftz, and Paul Hoecker at the Munich Academy. From 1895, he was a member of the Munich and Vienna Secession, and later a member of the Deutscher Künstlerbundes…